• FMCG Ninja's

    Stealthy, concise no holds barred advice.

  • Design Guru’s

    Still or moving, in print or cyberspace; original and creative visual representation from our diverse team

  • Campaign Strategist

    Creating the path to best shout about your brand.

  • Brand Technicians

    Fine tuning the performance of the machine that is your brand

  • Shopper Marketing Specialist

    The art of catching the shoppers attention is an art indeed.

Creative Workshop is a full service advertising & design agency.
Full service, across the line, inspired and waiting to hear from you.

About Us

Since our doors first swung open in 1996 we have immersed ourselves all things brand, product and service. Our areas of expertise range from conceptualising the mechanics behind a campaign to creating powerful look and feel and execution of the communication across all the relevant media platforms.

For us knowledge is power, and we like to know it all. We are passionate about gaining a true understanding of the brands we work with and what makes a brand tick. Critically, we get to know where a brand fits and where it doesn’t, who purchases the brand and who doesn’t, which channels are working for a brand and the character traits of that channel. We like to know a brand, warts and all.

Behind every successful campaign is a great concept backed by great visuals. Our team of design gurus are masters of their own graphic universe with skill sets ranging from photoshop through to animation and everything else in between.

A pretty picture is one thing, however where and how you display the pretty picture is quite another. We are great believers in making use of all the media platforms available to us, and unlike some not necessarily all at the same time! We cut our teeth on print, fine-tuned our hearing with radio and made use of our 20/20 with TV but the new millennium saw the rise of digital media and we are firmly aboard that rocket ship. We have all the bases covered.

In a nutshell Creative Workshop is a full service agency and as the name suggests we are both creative and functional. We have a strong work ethic, sharp minds and love for life.

Show Reel

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Our Team

Vik Norval

Creative Director

Master of the Universe

Richard Walker

Financial Director

Mr Moneybags

Rodney Burgess

Senior Account executive

The Go to guys’ Go to guy

James Bell

Campaign strategist

Loves a good strapline for breakfast.

Jackie Cavernelis-Marais

Shopper Marketer / Strategist

Understands the brains behind shopping

Chregan O'Flynn

Digital Development Consultant

Living proof that you don't have to have any rhythm to know your algorithm's.

Storm Owens

Viral Marketing Wizz

The only person in the office paid to be on Facebook all day (the others do it for free)

Oscar Orian

Photography / Film

Lives life through his lens

Bianca Heinrich

Traffic / Finished Art

Restorer of order

Simphiwe Tebe

Motion Graphics expert

Always on the move

Maria Phieros

Research and development

Loves her head in the books

Landon Nothnagel

Retoucher / Graphics

Can take cellulite away in 10 seconds flat

Jarryd Newman

Head Creative Designer

Hey shew wow!

Shameeg Baza

Account Executive

The clients 'Go to guy'

Jason Mathias

Senior graphic designer

Manages the temperamental animal that is the graphic designer

Marlon Flint

Graphic Designer

Turns thoughts into pretty pictures

Gilroy Prince

Sample Maker / Print specialist

Nimble but inky fingers


Distribution Specialist

No fancy GPS required, similar to a homing pigeon he has it built in.


Cleaning and Hygiene Operative

Cleanliness above Godliness is her mantra


Our Clients

We have had the privilege to work with the most amazing clients in South Africa.
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